Iconic Strategies Concern as less than 16 per cent of UK Consumers Believe what Companies say

Iconic Strategies Consumer Believe

Norwich’s leading outsourced sales and event marketing firm, Iconic Strategies, voices their concern after new research emerges claiming less than 16 per cent of UK consumers believe brand’s advertising.

As research reveals the majority of UK consumers do not trust what companies are telling them via their advertising campaigns, Iconic Strategies in Norwich voice their concern. The article ‘Majority of all Consumers don’t Trust Brands’ Advertising’, published by Sarah Vizard for Marketing Week on 9th April 2014, highlights the findings of the annual Global RepTrak 100 study by the Reputation Institute. The results showed that just 15.4 per cent of UK consumers said they believe the messages companies say in their advertising campaigns, with the rest remaining neutral, disbelieving or unsure. With the outcome being less than 25 per cent, this puts the UK among the bottom four markets also measured, placing the UK just above France, Germany and Japan. Other findings of the study displayed how 60 per cent of consumers across the globe were uncertain if they could trust the top 100 most reputable companies. The criteria for their views took into account product quality, honest business practices and credible leadership, with 43 per cent saying they doubted the quality of companies’ products or services.

Iconic Strategies are incredibly shocked by these results, and actually find them very worrying. The outsourced sales and event marketing firm in Norwich claims more businesses need to act on these findings, and start making changes to their marketing strategies. Iconic Strategies believe that personalised marketing will play an essential role in earning back consumer trust. Iconic Strategies, who promote their clients’ products of services using personalised event marketing campaigns, claims the feedback from consumers about this form of marketing has been very positive. Managing director Simon Reynolds of Iconic Strategies believes that as consumers are faced with so many forms of marketing, customers demand a method that will appeal to their individual needs, making them feel valued instead of being seen as just another figure. Direct marketing enables Iconic Strategies to tailor fit their marketing strategies to each customer, where they also have the opportunity to have their questions answered before making a purchase. Not only does direct marketing make customers feel valued, it encourages trust and loyalty to a brand.

Iconic Strategies urge businesses to focus on implementing more personalised forms of marketing into their strategies, to earn back the trust of consumers. This should be their number one priority. Iconic Strategies is an outsourced sales and marketing firm in Norwich who are committed to driving customer satisfaction and loyalty for their clients’ brand.




Posted on April 29, 2014 in Business, Marketing

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